The Chase signed copy

The Chase

When I first met Dante, he was tall, dark, and mysterious, not like the other guys he was with. He came over, we talked, made plans to meet up after lights out. One thing led to another and I was ducking out of his hotel room in the early morning light.

The baby he wants nothing to do with and I will be just fine.
C’est la vie, his loss.
When my parents kicked me out of their house, I found myself on my cousin’s doorstep. She quickly put me on the fast track to chase my dream job, what’s better than traveling the country with my daughter doing what I love right?

Maybe my luck is changing for the better…
Until I meet my new client, he’s not so new to me. I am very familiar with those washboard abs, those deep brown eyes and his sexy, smoldering smile…

My luck is about to run out having to deal with him all the time. Because not only am I his new publicist, we are also sharing traveling accommodations.

Can we figure out how to play nice or will the chase be too much to handle?

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