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What readers are saying about the series
The series is absolutely great. I truly enjoyed getting to know each brother and piecing together the whole story, in order to understand it all you do have to read it fully. I would love to see it continue with the kids though as they are grow and in college and eventually so will the younger ones! It’s something that could continue.
Amazon reviewer
This is a series that will pull on those heart strings, and have you totally captivated, and immersed in each masterpiece. The intricate weavings of this amazing series will have you turning every page with anticipation.
Author Libby J
You want to laugh, cry, get angry (no… like really REALLY angry), and you will probably want to throw something. But I promise you will not regret reading this series.
Jodi at Sexy Books & Sarcasm
Getting to Know Alandra

Alandra Knight is a contemporary-real feel romance author who is fueled by caffeine and sarcasm. Her stories can be classified as page turning, unpredictable, full of heart felt moments, hot and heavy love scenes featuring imperfectly perfect characters.

Most of her books are set in her world she created called Morgan Springs a fictional small town in Colorado. While Alandra does try to keep her stories on the real side, there are some aspects that can be farfetched after all it is FICTION.

Alandra lives in Ohio with her all in one and their two amazing children. Alandra enjoys listening to audiobooks when she has to get things done and reading in her downtime.
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What’s New???

One More Shot

Living your HEA is amazing, until tragedy strikes… 


Losing someone close to you brings so much pain, hurt, emptiness, loneliness. I turn to alcohol to numb my feelings, but no matter how much I consume, one more is never enough to forget this level of pain…. 


I vowed for better for worse… but is our love strong enough to compete with the imaginary genie he seems to be chasing at the bottom of that bottle?

Do you know how much it hurts to lose the one you love to something that isn’t even real?

The brand new novel by Alandra Knight is out on June 14th!

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